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'Thank you for your work. You are a great support when as a parent you no longer know how to continue.' Mrs N.
'I think it is great that an organisation like yours exists. I know that I can contact you with any question, as trivial as it might be, at any time. Thank you for this' Mrs S.


You can reach
Paulinchen e.V. – Initiative
for children with burns
on our free hotline:

0800 0 112 123

Paulinchen e.V.- Initiative for Young Burn Survivors

In Germany, 6,000 children burn or
scald themselves so badly every year
that they have to be hospitalised.

Paulinchen e.V.- Initiative for Young Burn Survivors is a German charity committed to campaigning for children and young people who have sustained burn injuries.

Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for Young Burn Survivors was founded in 1993 to advise families with children who have suffered burn or scald injuries; to help support them through rehabilitation; and to raise awareness of what causes accidents in order to prevent them from happening.

The charity participates in a variety of activities. We:

  • Provide consultation and provide contacts to specialist doctors during hospitalisation;
  • Provide assistance for rehabilitation and future care;
  • Represent and campaign on behalf of burn-injured children; and
  • Raise awareness of how to prevent burn and scald accidents.

In recent years, we have worked extensively to develop our knowledge and expertise on children’s burn and scald injuries so that no questions go unanswered. To facilitate rehabilitation of burn-injured children, Paulinchen e.V. provides addresses of specialist doctors, therapists and specialist shops for medical supplies.

Once a year, Paulinchen e.V.- Initiative for Young Burn Survivors, holds the Paulinchen Seminar for families with burn-injured children.

Paulinchen e.V. also supports a network of families with burn-injured children in various towns throughout Germany. These self-help groups meet on a regular basis to exchange experiences and support each other. Speakers are invited to give talks on topics relating to thermal injuries in children.
The journal Paulinchen publishes reports on families’ experiences. Specialist articles in the journal help people to understand burn injuries and discuss new options for treatment.

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