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And on the princess’ birthday
thousands and thousands of candles burned

When candles burn, most children’s eyes light up, but from the spark of enthusiasm, it is never far to a sea of flames. Protect your child from burns.

Prevention has been an important issue for Paulinchen e.V.- Initiative for Young Burn Survivors for many years, because the number of accidents involving burns and scalds can be reduced through education by about 60%. This figure results from the findings of a study by Elisabeth Towner for the British National Health Service (NHS).

From the perspective of those affected, Paulinchen e.V. can make people aware of the risks, and takes every opportunity to point out the most important first aid measure in the event of a thermal injury – cooling with water.

Don’t forget: no-one is 100% protected against these accidents! Get involved! Support the prevention work of Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for Young Burn Survivors with a donation! Distribute the prevention brochure "Campaign Paulinchen: How to protect your child from burns and scalds" in your area, e.g. in kindergartens, at parental advice posts, your GP, or use the Campaign Paulinchen in fire safety education or in parenting classes.

Warn with our campaign "Safe barbeques without meths" against the danger of using methylated spirits and other liquid accelerants when barbequing! Barbeque accidents are 100% avoidable!

Although the work of Paulinchen is mainly carried out by volunteers, projects cost a great deal of money. Please support the work of Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for Young Burn Survivors with a donation.
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Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for Young Burn Survivors
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