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Paulinchen e.V.- Initiative for Young Burn Survivors is not responsible for and has no influence over the design and content of any website that featured links on our website lead to. This applies to all links on the website www.paulinchen.de, including those listed below.

Medical Links (please note that all of these are in German)

  • www.degpt.de
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂŒr Psychotraumatologie e.V.
    (German Society for Psychotraumatology)
    Under the keyword “Therapeutensuche” you can find addresses of therapists in or near your home town in Germany.
  • www.dgkic.de
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂŒr Kinderchirurgie
    (German Society for Paediatric Surgery)
  • www.verbrennungsmedizin.de
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂŒr Verbrennungsmedizin
    (German Society for the Medical Treatment of Burn Injuries)
  • www.dgpraec.de
    Deutschen Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen
    (German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aaesthetic Surgeons)

Links to doctors and therapists in Germany:

We have developed these contacts through personal recommendations

  • www.burncare.de
    Ms. G. Krenzer-Scheidemantel, Wurzburg, specialist for compression garments.
  • www.degpt.de
    Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft fĂŒr Psychotraumatologie
    (German Speaking Society for Psychotraumatology).
    Here you can find addresses of therapists in or near your home town in Germany.

Associations for burns patients outside of Germany

  • www.feuerball.at
    Parents’ association for burn-injured children and adolescents in Graz, Austria for Carinthia and Styria.

Support groups for adult burns patients in Germany

These links could also be of interest to you

  • www.bvkm.de
    Bundesverband fĂŒr Körper-und Mehrfachbehinderte e.V. (German Federal Association for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped). Under the heading `Recht und Politik` (Law and politics) there is a tax fact sheet for families with disabled children and a leaflet "Mein Kind ist behindert, diese Hilfen gibt es" (My child is disabled, this is the help available), which you can download.
  • www.das-sichere-haus.de
    Campaign ‘The Safe House’ by the German Board for Safety at Home and during Leisure Activities – DSH
  • www.dgk.de
    Deutsches GrĂŒnes Kreuz (German Green Cross), health portal of the Deutsches GrĂŒnes Kreuz fĂŒr Gesundheit e. V. Health tips for amateurs, background information for professionals and the press. Medical dictionary, news, picture library on infectious diseases and medical podcast.
  • www.dksb.de
    Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V. (German Child Protection Society)
  • http://ec.europa.eu
    Rapid alert system RAPEX of the EU for all dangerous consumer goods, except for food and medicines and medical devices.
    Every Friday, the Commission publishes a weekly list of dangerous products which have been reported by national authorities (RAPEX notifications).
  • www.elternforum-kindersicherheit.de
    Parents’ forum of the BAG Mehr Sicherheit fĂŒr Kinder e.V. (Federal Association for Child Safety), that answers questions on the topic of child safety at home and during leisure activities.
  • www.eurosafe.eu.com
    EuroSafe, the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, is the network of injury prevention champions dedicated to making Europe a safer place.
  • www.evz.de
    Using this link, consumers can report their experiences with unsafe products for children or everyday products to the European Consumer Centre in Kiel. You can fill out a form and send it directly to the Centre from the website.
  • www.kinderschutzbund-dortmund.de
    Round table on the prevention of accidents involving children in Dortmund (German Prevention Prize winner 2007). The round table Prevention of accidents involving children in Dortmund was founded with the purpose of reducing traffic accidents and domestic accidents in the long term.
  • www.kindersicherheit.de
    Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Mehr Sicherheit fĂŒr Kinder e.V. (Federal Association for Child Safety)
  • www.liga-kind.de
    The German children’s league is a nationwide, interdisciplinary network of numerous associations and organisations working in the field of early childhood (0-6 years).
  • www.medizinrechts-beratungsnetz.de
    The medical legal consultancy network offers a free legal orientation session on medical and socio-legal issues for patients and doctors, and recommends lawyers close to your home in Germany.
  • www.stiftung-gesundheit.de
    In co-operation with the German Medical Lawyers’ Association, MedizinrechtsanwĂ€lte e.V. offers free initial legal consultation on medical law matters. Both patients and doctors can receive expert advice at no cost near their home, on how to take your case forward and on the prospects of success – whether regarding matters of liability, professional or social law.

Links for children

  • www.medizin-fuer-kids.de
    ‘Medical city’ for children on the Internet where children and young people can find plenty of child-friendly information.
  • www.seitenstark.de
    Seitenstark.de is an association of renowned German-language children's sites on the Internet.

Fire safety training / fire brigade links

  • www.brandschutzaufklaerung.de
    Department 12 of the vfdb - Verein zur Förderung des deutschen Brandschutzes (Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection).
  • www.feuerwehrerlebniswelt.de
    Training centre in Augsburg, which provides information on hazards in the home, dangers of fire, how to behave in case of fire or accidents, as well as fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers and extinguishing agents.
  • www.lfv-bayern.de
    State Fire Association of Bavaria, with many links to other interesting websites.



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