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Paulinchen e.V. - Initiative for Young Burn Survivors
Segeberger Chaussee 35
22850 Norderstedt

Tel. +49 (0)40 529 50 666
Fax +49 (0)40 529 50 688
Free hotline (from Germany): 0800 0 112 123

If your child has had a burn or scald accident, if you have any queries, are unsure about anything regarding the injury or treatment, or if you need consolation, please call Paulinchen – Initiative for Young Burn Victims on our free, 24-hour hotline 0800 0 112 123 from Germany. If you call from abroad, please contact us on +49 (0)40 529 50 666.

Should you reach our answering machine, please leave a message and your phone number so that we can call you back.

You can contact the Chair Adelheid Gottwald, personally on +49 (0) 2102 135 739.
We can also return your call while you are in hospital with your child.

Please send us your suggestions or queries, and contact us if you would like to order our brochures, posters, etc. We are happy to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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